Xiaomi launches application-controlled microwave

Mijia, a sub-brand of Xiaomi, today launched the Mijia Microwave Oven. A microwave that comes with support being controlled via an app or voice commands. The oven, which has a capacity of 20 liters, costs US $ 58 (R $ 219.24, in direct conversion) and will be sold from August 1st.

In addition to these technology specifications, the 700-watt Mijia is equipped with a flat plate quick heat system, 26 modes of operation. Three types of defrost, 11 pre-configured recipes, one sterilization mode and nine others. modes that can be set by the user. It also has a built-in 2.4 GHz 802.11 b / g / n Wi-Fi module that can be used for voice controls even through the smart speakers.

The microwave offers 26 modes of operation, including quick warm mode. Three types of defrost mode, 11 preset recipes, one sterilization mode and nine user-defined modes. It has a gross weight of 12.1 kg and a net weight of 10.8 kg.

Chef Options

The inside walls of the appliance are capable of reflecting microwaves in all directions, ensuring uniform heating of the food. In addition, thanks to its grill mode and integrated grill, various dishes can be cooked.

The oven features 26 operating modes, a quick warm-up mode. Three defrost options, 11 preset recipes, and nine user-definable modes and one sterilization mode. Through the application, the user chooses the temperature. The functions and the mode to be used and can consult new recipes on the internet.

The microwave has 52% energy efficiency and is a compact appliance. Occupying a minimum space with its approximate weight of 12 kg with its accessories and linear measurements of 447x347x281mm. It offers a maximum power of 700W and a frequency of 2,450Mhz. The new Mijia Microwave Oven is already on sale. But is not expected to reach markets other than Chinese, such as most Xiaomi and Miijia products.

// Ford creates electric scooters with anti-theft technology

Ford’s scooter rental company Spin said on Thursday it will install 15,000 scooters in eight cities starting in August. The company also unveiled its latest model, with anti-theft technology and custom parts designed to prevent vandalism.

The combination of elements of a scooter and a skateboard results in a very unique riding experience. Instead of standing with the torso facing forward – as with a regular scooter. The user stands with the trunk to the side and holds the front handlebar with one hand. Twisting the handlebar grip controls acceleration and braking. Leaving the other hand free to give signs of ride intent such as warning you to turn to one side or the other.

The model will basically be built with proprietary parts; Including screws, which will sharply diminish the interest of vandals interested in parts reuse. In addition, most mechanical devices will require user authentication by the Spin system and will not function if these systems are disassembled for deployment in another product.

In addition, the new Spin will feature a larger and wider platform for better foot comfort. As well as tires with high impact absorption on degraded terrain. The product also arrives with high rear-wheel drive efficiency for faster acceleration. And is capable of 60km of racing before requiring battery recharging.

Meanwhile, in Brazil, one of Grin, Yellow, Lime’s and other major headaches concerns regulations that have not been in place until recently, which has already led to a small blackout in São Paulo.

The cities to receive the new scooters will be; Portland, Los Angeles, Denver, Washington DC, Kansas City, Memphis, and Minneapolis, with more additions in the future. The devices were made in China by Segway-Ninebot, a Xiaomi-supported Sino-American company. Check out the specifications:

    Reinforced mechanical structure and wider and longer platform

    More intuitive and responsive locking system

    Larger (10 inch) tubeless tires provide better shock absorption on rough terrain and harsh conditions

    High rear-wheel drive efficiency for better acceleration and performance

    Custom safety screws designed and manufactured exclusively for Spin scooters to prevent tampering and vandalism

    Significantly longer battery life, allowing each scooter to ride up to 60 km on full charge

    Updated Spin authentication system that is uniquely associated with its modules


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