Travel Service uses IA to help find the next destination // Netflix will transform the game The Division into film with Jake Gyllenhaal

The online travel company Decolar has created a system that ends the automated search of destinations. Starting with Artificial Intelligence, the company launched the “Where to travel?” Website, an assistant that helps you figure out where your next vacation will be.

The system has a very simple operation: from the preferences, tastes and interests of the traveler, gives suggestions of destinations that fit your profile. First, you need to answer a few simple questions, such as talking to an attendant via chat, indicating whether you are traveling at the end of the year, whether you are with your family and even prefer the beach, city or country. Icons and emojis leave the experience intuitive, to be used even by those who have no experience with online services.

Enhanced Reservations and Dynamic Prices

Tracking price fluctuations from travel and lodging accommodation can be difficult for travelers looking for the best time to book a hotel, flight or vacation package. However, travel providers can help improve the customer experience by using dynamic pricing tools that leverage predictive or even prescriptive analyzes such as Hopper’s travel business tracking application. These tools help consumers control business and notify them when travel offers are available. The Hopper application processes 300 billion flights daily and resulted in a savings of $ 50 per flight.

Dynamic pricing tools also provide opportunities for companies to issue tickets. For example, hotels and airlines can benefit from dynamic pricing tools to predict fare prices. Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide uses dynamic pricing tools to modify hotel rates quickly. As a result, the hotel chain made a 20% improvement in its demand forecast.

How has artificial intelligence been used in the tourism industry?

One of the first companies to launch a computer with artificial intelligence was IBM, creator of Watson. Developed in 2006, it is able to understand the information available, generate hypothesis tests, reason from information, learn, make correlations and interact, answer questions and seek solutions.

Since the creation of Watson, several AI systems have been used in tourism. See some applications.

Understanding the customer

AI has been used primarily to understand, analyze and understand the behavior of tourists in order to offer better solutions for that person.

In a hotel, for example, technology can be used to better customize the room and services provided. From the algorithms, the computer can analyze whether you are staying alone or with the family and cross-check this data with other similar customers, offering unique food and beverage options and services for each audience, increasing the loyalty rate.


// Netflix transformará o game The Division em filme com Jake Gyllenhaal

Resultado de imagem para Serviço de viagens usa IA para ajudar a encontrar o próximo destino // Netflix transformará o game The Division em filme com Jake Gyllenhaal

During the Ubisoft conference at E3 2019, it was announced that the movie based on the game “The Division” will be released by Netflix. In addition, the involvement of actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain was confirmed again in production.

The film based on The Division had been announced shortly after the release of the game, with news about the cast of actors Jake Gyllenhaal, “Prince of Persia”, “Donnie Darko” and the upcoming “Spider-Man: Far From Home” and Jessica Chastain, from “The Darkest Hour” and the still unpublished “It – Part 2”.

Rafe Judkins (Agents of SHIELD) will write the script for The Division. The game was created, in turn, by author Tom Clancy, known for the bestsellers of spy Jack Ryan, who have already been adapted for movies and TV.

The Division is set in a post-apocalyptic future in which a group of civilians try to find more survivors and rebuild the world. At Clancy’s creation, millions died when a deadly virus spread through cash bills.

In the game, a virus planted in money notes has caused a smallpox pandemic to attack the United States. In just five days, the government collapsed, stopping providing basic services such as access to water and food, and the country became a “no man’s land,” dominated by bandits. It’s The Division, a great task force that brings together battlefield experts, as well as professionals from important areas: medicine, security, and technology, to build a base in New York, take out enemies and save people which were not infected.

David Leitch (“Deadpool 2”), scripted by Rafe Judkins (“Agents of Shield”) and starring Jessica Chastain (“X-Men: Black Phoenix” “) and Jake Gyllenhaal (” Spider-Man: Far From Home “) – the two actors also collaborate in the production. However, there is no set date yet for the release of the film.

In the game, written by Tom Clancy, the story takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting in New York after an epidemic of a deadly virus that began to spread during a Black Friday and devastated the city. The US president then triggers the “Division” emergency team, which needs to re-establish order.


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