Sony CEO says smartphones are essential for the company

Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida announced yesterday (22) that the smartphone business is essential to the overall success of the company. The talk, however, goes against the company’s results: According to Reuters, the smartphone business generated a $ 879.45 million loss for the brand in the last fiscal year, ending in March.

Yoshida justifies his concern with this branch, which is apparently the most fragile of the business. “The younger generations no longer watch TV,” he said. “We see smartphones as entertainment hardware and a necessary component to make our brand of hardware sustainable,” he added.

The reason for this bottleneck is the damage that the company had in this sector.

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Even so, Yoshida said that smartphones are of utmost importance to the Sony brand and that shutting down the division is out of the question.

To be clearer, in its last fiscal year – ending in March – Sony had a loss of $ 879.4 million. In terms of sales, the company represents a market share of less than 1%, with 6.5 million handsets marketed primarily to Japan and Europe. Samsung meanwhile sold 71.9 million in a quarter – being the market leader.

The sale of the mobile division has long been a possibility thanks to huge losses. But according to the payWall Street Journal the company is preparing to not only get rid of Xperia smartphones, but also the subsidiaries that manufacture Bravia televisions, including?) and Cyber-shot cameras. The idea, beyond money, is focus.

One of Sony’s biggest recent problems was the immense variety of products. Although well built, there was no focus: the Japanese tried to attack everything in the area of ​​audio and video!

This reminds us of Samsung regarding the Android smartphone issue, each week a new Galaxy. At least the South Korean profits well with such branch and owns devices that conquered some of the potential consumers of Sony Xperia. For the lowest price and equivalent features, including heavy system skin customization.


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