Snapchat should win new look soon; See a preview

Applications often go through changes in their interface from time to time, and apparently the next to join this list is Snapchat. The information was released on Twitter by programmer Jane Manchun Wong, famous for anticipating news from social networks.

As you can see in the following image, the new user interface promises to be cleaner than the current one, presenting news in both the area with the friendlist and the feed where the newest items are displayed.

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Snapchat removed the Stories feed, which brought together content posted by friends and celebrities. They are now scattered through the interface: some are in the Friends section. Others in the Discover section, making it more difficult to use the app.

Therefore, Snapchat will gain a “Stories” tab in the Friends and Discover sections. This way, it will be easier to follow the stories of friends and celebrities. The update will be distributed “soon for iOS and in the coming weeks for Android.”

CEO Evan Spiegel said this month that users will get used to the redesign. “It will take time for people to adjust, but for me, using it for a few months, I feel much more attached to the service,” he explained.

Redesign has helped revenue growth. In the fourth quarter, Snap Inc. posted revenues of $ 285.7 million, up 72% on the previous year.

It is worth mentioning that these news are still in the test phase. Therefore, there is no exact date for the new look to be available to all users of the app. But it is likely to happen in the near future.

And the question that does not want to shut up; Did you like what the company responsible for the application is planning?


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