Small Teles will be benefited by mandatory sharing of pipelines

In order to stimulate competition in the telecommunications market. The major operators of the sector will be obliged to share their underground pipeline networks in accordance with the conditions established in the Wholesale Deal Trading System (SNOA).

Prior to the creation of this system, prices above R $ 50,000 per kilometer of leased pipeline have already been recorded. This made it difficult for small businesses to enter the industry. But the SNOA limits this value to 750 reais, making the option feasible and increasing deployment conditions.

Control of inputs

Resultado de imagem para Pequenas teles serão beneficiadas por compartilhamento obrigatório de dutos

The president of Anatel, Leonardo de Morais, assured that the measure is not a stock chart. Using an analogy, he explained: “Let’s act on inputs, regulating a bakery that sells flour to make bread.”

Business opportunities will be available at SNOA, with a final coverage of 4.8 thousand municipalities. According to the regulator, it is estimated that this offer will reduce the price of products in places considered by the agency itself as “little or potentially competitive”.

Great expectations

Currently, Anatel’s system has only 45 cities with registered information about the pipelines available in the system. The executive president of the Brazilian Association of Competitive Telecommunications Services (Telcomp). João Moura, sees the novelty with good eyes, saying that “now this market will flourish and work. It will facilitate the deployment of new networks by new service providers “.

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