Pixel 4: Visual of Google’s new top line is leaked // Galaxy Note 10 Pro can come with loader ‘ slower ‘, rumor says

Unlike its other releases, Google has remained discreet about the design and features of its next cellphone – which may be called Pixel 4. Little is known about the new model, but a recent rendering by Onleaks may help an idea of ​​what will come.

The rendering was done based on initial prototyped cast schemes. So it can represent a true image of what the cell phone will be or a version already discarded by the company.

Although apparently official renderings, you can not extract new information from them. Just the confirmation of details that were already known. At a first glance, it’s easy to see that visually the new handsets are identical to their older brother. The Pixel 4, featuring a sizable rim, headphone jack on the top, USB-C port on the bottom and buttons on the right side.

The details were revealed by Steve Hemmerstoffer in partnership with the Indian site Pricebaba.

In the images you can see below show the Pixel 4 showing both the front and back panels. But with great emphasis on the silhouette of the device with few highlights being shown.

On the front, for example, we see no marking of the display. Just the entire glass cover with 2.5D cut at the edges and a cutout for the speaker for calls. Which may indicate the presence of a notch on the screen of the new Pixel 4 But the back cover shows something even more controversial than the possible adoption of a notch; The camera set similar to the iPhone XI.

Unlike the Pixel 3 XL, which has a gigantic notch, the Pixel 4 XL would bring a much larger screen utilization, including thinner edges (even on the “chin”).

Apparently, the fourth generation of the Pixel line will not bring design differences from the normal model to the XL. Which may be interesting for those looking for a smaller format smartphone without having to give up features such as a dual camera front.

According to the channel, the new Pixel 4 and 4 XL would really be advertised with a circular format in the display. Something similar to what we saw in the; Galaxy S10 line, Honor View 20 and Motorola One Vision. Offering the presence of biometric sensor under the screen and still a panel with very narrow edges and perhaps no “chin”, with symmetrical edges on all sides.

With a redesigned design, Google would be planning to evolve and permanently remove the physical buttons from smartphones. Leaving them with no clickable button. Alternatively, the company must adopt capacitive touch-sensitive buttons on the brand’s premium line.

This has already been seen in other concept gadgets such as the live APEX 2019 and Meizu Zero. And the latter’s design can serve as inspiration for the Meizu 17 without entries and also without physical buttons.

It remains to be seen now whether Google really would have chosen a final design among the three teams that would be working to provide the best finishing experience for the year 2019. Comment on your idea of ​​the idea and would like a smartphone without physical buttons!


Galaxy Note 10 Pro can come with loader ‘ slower ‘, rumor says

Here we are facing another rumor regarding the Galaxy Note 10 Pro. This time, the information realizes that it can reach the stores with a charger of 25 W.

It is worth remembering that circulated in the network the rumor that it could have a charger of 45 W. Faster compared to conventional devices. Meanwhile, the South Korean company apparently decided to change those plans and include another model in the box of the device.

As for the 45 W charger, there are indications that it may appear among the components of the Galaxy A90. But there is still no official confirmation from Samsung on this or the other information disclosed in this news.

The image allows to assume that it is the 45W charger that should equip the new flagship of Samsung. It is worth noting that the Galaxy A70 and Galaxy A80 models. Which support 25W charging, have chargers identified with the EP-TA800 model. As stated earlier, this is an assumption, as there is no official confirmation from Samsung.

Possible revelation

Another important detail: this week came up on the network information that we will probably see the Galaxy Note 10 being introduced to the world in August. However, this figure has not yet been officially announced.

Among the possible specifications of the device are:


Screen: 6.3 or 6.8 inches

Memory: 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM

Internal storage: 128 GB or 512 GB

Processor: Snapdragon 845 (SDM845)

Operating system: Android 8.1 Oreo

Battery: 4,000 mAh

Cameras: 8 MP (Front) and 12 MP + 12 MP (Rear)

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 can come with slow loading of 45W

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is still a few months away from being officially shown to the public. But that does not stop various leaks on this product from surfacing on the internet and even undoing the expectations that could be greater at launch.

Recently there has been a rumor that the smartphone will come with support for slow loading of up to 45W. Being the pioneer of the brand in this question and even allowing the manufacturer to analyze the use of this technology to apply to future handsets.

Still can not know if Samsung will apply this novelty in all models or will have a specific version to explore such a novelty. This speed can further enhance the fast wireless charging system currently applied only in the Galaxy S10 Plus. Turning the cell phone into a quality powerbank with different day-to-day uses.


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