Learn how to turn on Windows 10 Dark mode

The dark mode, also known as night mode. Has been gaining ground in a number of applications to help users not force their sight when in dark surroundings or at night. In turn, Windows 10 even implemented this feature, but it has long been restricted. Operating only on a few specific system menus.

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Turn on dark mode in Windows 10

  1. Access the Windows 10 settings and select the “Customization” option. In which you can also change the theme of the system and its wallpaper;
  2. Within the Windows 10 customizations, select “Colors” from the options in the left column;
  3. Among the possibilities of colors, you can, in addition to changing the theme of the blocks of the Start menu and the Taskbar, activate the option “Choose the default application mode”, which should be marked “Clear”; select “Dark” to change the look of your Windows 10.


Ready. Take advantage of the hint and use the PC more comfortably while applying dark mode on Windows 10 October Update.


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