Huawei uncertain future begins to affect sales in Europe and Asia

Speaking to TechRadar earlier this week.

British music magazine website Music Magpie revealed a surge in Huawei device movement during the 24 hours following Google’s announcement on Sunday (19).

The site posted a 154 percent swap in the company’s smartphones, and by 1 pm Monday (20), Huawei handsets were being sold more than any other brand. The P20 was the most advertised, with only 20% of its original price. The Mate series also appeared frequently in the list of offers.

In Spain, the ADSLZone portal says that in just 36 hours more than 10,000 Chinese orders were canceled and more than 15,000 devices were returned to the local Amazon. In addition, all digital advertising campaigns on the P30 Pro were canceled. According to another El Pais report, sales at local department stores, such as El Corte Inglés and Mediamarkt, fell by between 50% and 70% since the news was released on Sunday.

Following President Donald Trump’s order to stop companies from supplying components. Products and services to foreign companies that, like Huawei, are perceived as a threat to national security. Several consumers were concerned about the performance of their mobile phones . The measure was then suspended by the US Department of Commerce for a transitional period of three months.

Google, whose Android operating system powers most smartphones worldwide.

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Has already said it will comply with its country’s order. Resulting in the Chinese group’s inability to access certain Android services and applications such as Gmail and Google Maps.

The Chinese technology has come to say that it is developing its own operating system and that. In addition, can use an open source version of Google’s operating system that does not need access to the US multinational’s apps. He added that he is in talks with the company based in California.

But it is not just the retailers that are responding to the US blockade. Some telecommunications companies have already taken a stand. Japanese companies KDDI and Soft Bank, respectively the second and third largest operators in Japan; Have announced that they will postpone the launch of new smartphones of the brand. Among them the Huawei P30 Lite, scheduled for Friday.

NTT Docomo has stated only that it will stop accepting orders for new devices.

Without specifying whether this represents the suspension of the launch of new models.

In Taiwan, Chunghwa Telecom and Taiwan Mobile have announced that they will stop selling Chinese branded devices after their stocks are finished, Taiwan News reports.

In addition to the Asian continent, consumers in Europe are also worried and seek to resell their devices. According to El País, sales at local stores like El Corte Inglés and Mediamarkt fell between 50% and 70% in Spain after the announcement of the blockade on Sunday.


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