Google details face and motion detection technology in Pixel 4

Google detailed in a post on its official blog the motion detection and face detection technology that will be used on the fourth generation of its Pixel smartphones. The system is based on a miniature radar called Soli, developed by the company’s advanced design and technology division (ATAP).

Google announced on Monday that it is developing gesture controls – no touch screen required – and face recognition on the new smartphone model Pixel 4, seeking to fuel the excitement surrounding its mobile phone line.

Pixel 4 is expected to hit the market in October, along with the new iPhone, as companies strive to win or retain their users in the competitive smartphone market.

Google’s two new Pixel features have been seen as a “next step” in the Internet giant’s vision for a future where computing power will be available anywhere and whenever people want it.

Pixel 4 will also feature a motion recognition and facial system called “Soli”.

“Pixel 4 will be the first device with Soli, boosting our new motion detection features so you can skip songs, postpone alarms and mute phone calls just by waving your hand,” Pixel Product Manager Brandon Barbello said through of a statement.

Analyzing the movements, Soli is able to detect the user’s “intention” to unlock the smartphone. From there comes a system very similar to Apple’s Face ID, consisting of two infrared cameras, an illuminator and a “spot projector” that maps the user’s face and automatically unlocks the device in a matter of seconds. the user needs to face the screen or position themselves in a special way.

// HostGator announces vacancies for IT professionals in Florianópolis

A recruitment campaign by HostGator, a global website hosting company, has opened vacancies for technology professionals in Florianopolis. The company’s proposal is to form a talent bank and attract new professionals to work on the island.

“Much of our growth is underpinned by the work of highly qualified and engaged professionals,” explains Ricardo Melo, the company’s Growth Marketing Manager and one of the campaign’s creators.

HostGator is one of the leading web hosting and online presence providers in the world. Currently, the company has 14 open positions – effective and internship – for the Florianópolis office, responsible for the company’s operations in Latin America. The office in the capital of Santa Catarina has no walls to facilitate contact between the team and has a decompression area with various games, fraternization room with barbecue and kitchen, nap corner, training rooms and showers, among other spaces. All this thinking about the welfare of its employees. Information about open positions and how to apply is available on the HostGator website.

Available positions:

    Backend Developer

    Content Analyst

    Growth Marketing Intern

    Senior UI Designer

    Sales Coordinator

    Senior Product Owner

    UX / UI Designer

    Advanced Support Analyst (for fluent Spanish Professional)

    Support Assistant (disabled person only)

    Support Intern

    Customer Success Analyst

    Information Security Infrastructure Analyst

    Monitoring Analyst


In addition to giving a push in the move of more professionals in the area to Floripa, considered today the Brazilian Silicon Valley, HostGator went beyond investments in infrastructure and benefits. The company also bets on organizational culture to surprise candidates.

If you are interested, the recruitment process is open and will run until October 23rd. All vacancies and even the application link are here.


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