Asteroid sweeps across Earth

Even with half the country asking “Come, Meteor!”, No one’s fault for seeing the approach of “2019 OK” was from the Sun; As the asteroid was on its way to Earth in a star-aligned path, its brightness made it impossible for he was detected – at least until he appeared above us.

According to NASA, the gigantic 130-meter-wide rock scraped past Wednesday; 73,000 kilometers is less than a fifth of the distance to the moon. The object was detected by amateur astronomers from Minas Gerais, who issued the warning.

The Washington Post published a story with NASA data. Where it reported that the asteroid 2019 OK, which is estimated to be 57 to 130 meters wide. Was not on scientists’ radar and apparently appeared ‘out of nowhere’. Astronomers say it poses no immediate threat, but admit they had no idea that the giant rock was coming our way because it came from the sun.

“If there was a collision, it could possibly be in the Indian Ocean and could cause a tsunami on the surrounding islands”. Warns civil engineer Christopher Jacques, partner director of the Sonear Observatory; (Or Southern Observatory for Near-Earth Asteroid Research) responsible for the discovery.

In 2013, a significantly smaller meteor, about 20 meters in diameter, equivalent to a six-story building. Struck the Russian city of Chelyabinsk and unleashed an intense shockwave that knocked down roofs. Smashed windows and left around 1,200 injured.

Jacques conducts research with Professor João Ribeiro and lawyer Eduardo Pimentel. The team uses two telescopes located in Oliveira, about 160 km south of Belo Horizonte. Since 2014, they have identified 32 asteroids and seven comets that have passed near Earth.

Bennu, the question of ‘when’

2019 OK is not the only one to take astronomers’ sleep; There is a small chance that another, Bennu, will hit Earth in September 2135. NASA has plans to stop Bennu through two approaches, and neither is exploded. you with a nuclear bomb. “This makes a great movie, but the problem with using a nuclear bomb is that it may or may not work. But it will definitely make the asteroid radioactive,” explained Royal Institution of Australia chief scientist Astronomer Alan Duffy .

Both strategies involve changing the asteroid’s trajectory over time and away from Earth. However, to be able to do this not only with this one but with everyone who gets in the way of Earth, according to Duffy. “A dedicated global approach” to asteroid detection is necessary because “sooner or later there will be one with our name It’s just a question of when, not if. ”

// Amazon urges press to be kinder to company

A few days before the July 4th holiday in the United States, comedian John Oliver used his Last Week Tonight program to deliver a speech on how Amazon treats its employees.

As an example, the presenter spoke about two episodes; When a can of bear repellent was leaked in a company warehouse and when employees were told to continue working alongside a worker who suffered a sudden illness and died. In addition to mentioning the working conditions within the company’s warehouses and call centers.

Amazon employs approximately 650,000 people worldwide. One of these employees, Kevin Mims of; West Sacramento, California, allegedly wrote a lengthy article for the Quillette portal. Defending the company he works for and accusing Oliver of having an “unconvincing” speech.

In the text, Kevin explained that all the work he and his colleagues could do could be done by robots.

“If I had to guess, I would say that Amazon continues to employ many human beings because. By putting money in the pockets of the working class, company creates more customers “.

The employee ends the text by saying “if John Oliver and his class insist on how Amazon inhumanly treats its employees, Bezos [Amazon founder] may decide to completely automate the operation, and people like me will be unemployed. And that will not only ruin my 4 July [United States Independence Day], as well as ruining every other day of the year. “

Last Wednesday (24), Amazon used Twitter to post the link to this article and say “There are two sides to the whole story; An Amazon sorting center employee provided his perspective on the recent working conditions complaint. from the company”.

The tweet did not take long to be deleted, as although the company’s intention was to improve its own image. The US press criticized both the text and Amazon’s attitude.

Specifically, the Mashable portal produced a mocking article asking John Oliver to be kinder and not to hurt Jeff Bezos’s feelings so that all Amazon employees are not replaced by robots.


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