Artificial Intelligence Google Duplex is using humans to work

The artificial intelligence system called Google Duplex impressed – and scared – many people when it was shown in more detail to the public during Google I / O. This technology is able to make phone calls autonomously to reserve a table in a restaurant or schedule other appointments that require a call.

The feature, which shows a step in the field of artificial intelligence, promises to make life easier for the user when making appointments, such as an hour at the beauty salon or a reservation at a restaurant. Technology can be an advantage for small businesses that do not have a website or online reservation system.

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The presentation of this system by Google impressed, but also left suspicions. as everything that was shown on the Google event stage was pre-recorded. With the launch of the Duplex in restricted areas, the service began to make restaurant reservations for its users and The New York Times found that not always who acts is an artificial intelligence, but a Google employee of flesh and blood.

Alan Turing, 68 years ago, created a test geared specifically to this end, which became known as the Turing Test. In a conversation between a computer and a person, other humans should determine who the computer-generated speech was and who the human responses were. According to John Hennessy, president of Alphabet, Duplex passed the Turing test in its development stage now, even before the official launch.

Who is talking?

According to the newspaper’s tests, when it’s artificial intelligence that connects to restaurants. Things work pretty well and she is able to understand more complex and detailed questions.

The problem with using humans in the Duplex is that in addition to raising a suspicion with Google about whether this technology really works without the interference of people. We still have the privacy problem, after all, a lot of people do not want another human knowing about their restaurant reservations; (we know that Google will have access to this information anyway, but when the service is not done by the AI, it ends up “losing the magic”).


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