All 2020 iPhones will support 5G, says analyst

As operators begin launching 5G networks around the world, phone manufacturers are busy developing handsets that are compatible with the new standard. There are many rumors and expectations that Apple will launch a 5G compatible iPhone in 2020, but now a new report suggests that all three iPhone models released next year will support 5G.

Kuo believes the spread of 5G Android smartphones should lead consumers to view the technology as needed on any 2020 smartphone. So Apple can’t be left behind as the iPhone will remain the most expensive option:

    We believe Android 5G smartphones, which will sell for $ 249-349, will only support the Sub-6GHz band. But the point is that consumers will think that 5G is a necessary function by 2020. Therefore, iPhone models that will be sold at higher prices have to support 5G to gain more subsidies from mobile operators and consumers’ buying preference. (3) This should enhance the development of 5G that could benefit Apple’s AR ecosystem.

Finally, the analyst also points out that Apple should invest heavily in the use of Augmented Reality technology on the 2020 iPhones. This should make the cheaper device (iPhone XIR) more expensive, which can cost up to $ 750. ). However, so far the company has declined to officially comment on the matter.

Therefore, we warn that everything needs to be considered as just another rumor. Still, the market expects 2020 iPhones to still ship with Qualcomm modems, as Apple’s proprietary technology will not be released until 2021.

It is unclear whether Apple could launch an iPhone 5G that only supports Sub-6GHz – which could lower the cost of selling the device in some countries, for example China, which only supports this spectrum.

Apple is planning to use Qualcomm chips in the manufacture of these first smartphones, although it has recently acquired Intel’s modem chip business.

However, according to the MacRumors website, the company is not yet completely ready to stop using Qualcomm chips in 5G models, and it probably won’t have its own modems until 2021.

Kuo notes that he expects most Android phones to support the 5G sub-6GHz version, but not the higher-speed mmWave version. Already the iPhone 2020 should support both the mmWave spectrum and the Sub-6GHz “so the models will be sold at higher prices, earning more subsidies from mobile operators and consumers’ buying intent.”

//SpaceX will try new cargo mission launch this Thursday

The launch of the SpaceX cargo mission, scheduled for Wednesday (yesterday), has been canceled due to weather issues. The chance that the release would occur was only 30%. A new attempt is scheduled for this Thursday (25) at 19h01 GMT

The mission will carry more than 2 tolenadas of crew supplies at the International Space Station.

StarHopper should only start its engine long enough to place the vehicle 20 meters above ground. However, after the engine started, a huge flare appeared at the top of the vehicle, as if it were a lighter.

Upon return, the central core booster missed the target, but a spare boat rescued half of the equipment that fell into the water and was on fire. The company will assess the damage and try to save some of the propellant as reuse would result in huge money savings.

The next launch of SpaceX is scheduled for July and will be held by a Falcon 9 rocket. The company has not yet announced when it will be the next Falcon Heavy flight.

Watch the video of the entire release by clicking here. The landing problem can be seen around the 35th minute.

 SpaceX successfully completed in March the so-called Demo Mission-1 (DM-1), an “unmanned test flight” that aimed to demonstrate the company’s ability to travel “safely and reliably to and from ISS “as part of NASA’s commercial crew program.

However, a month later, the company confirmed that one of the Dragon capsules planned to carry crew exploded during a no-people test carried out in Florida, which was considered an “anomaly” by SpaceX’s Vice President of Mission Guarantee Hans Koenigsmann. EFE


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