‘ Alexa Pulse ‘ from Amazon would be able to ‘ read ‘ your emotions and give advice

Amazon works on a voice-activated device that can read human emotions, according to Bloomberg. This would be a gadget of health and well-being, of the type common in campaigns of crowdfunding and the patents of great companies of technology.

According to the documents, the device has microphones equipped with software capable of analyzing the sound of the voice and, from there, deciphering the emotional state of the user. With constant use, the device would become able to guide the owner of the device over the best way to interact with other people.

And how would that work?

Resultado de imagem para 'Alexa de pulso' da Amazon

Well, it would seem that this technology would give you “advice” so that you can interact more effectively with other people – that is, it would be able to understand what you feel in a moment of tension to calm you, for example.

The Bloomberg team spoke to a source and reviewed internal company documents. Which allegedly show that Alexa’s software team, in conjunction with the Lab 126 hardware division. Is involved in the project. The wearable should use an application and have microphones capable of “discerning the user’s emotional state in the tone of voice,” the website says. “Eventually, the technology may be able to advise the user to interact more effectively with others.”

The Lab 126 is responsible for Kindle, Fire Phone and Amazon Echo speaker, which introduced Alexa to the world. A report last year suggests that the group also develops a home robot. The common point among Amazon products is the incorporation of the virtual intelligence wizard into all hardware items.

The idea seems to be to give Alexa a sense of awareness and identification of emotions from the new device. Thus, it is clear that Amazon’s amibitions for the future of the wizard are great. Nonetheless, getting an accurate – or at least reliable. Picture of someone’s emotional state can be an extremely difficult and time consuming task.

Amazon is not alone in the “race” to develop smarter, emotion-related products. Giants like Microsoft, Alphabet and IBM already work on technologies that can interpret emotions through images, audio and other content.


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