5G is already used by almost 1 million people in South Korea // TIM Beta is with open invitations on the official website

Always one step ahead of countries in the Western world with regard to technology. South Korea already boasts more than 900 thousand users of 5G mobile internet networks. The country revealed that after the launch of the first networks with this technology in April the number of adherents grew rapidly and should pass 1 million people this week.

In South Korea, the top three mobile carriers already operate with 5G networks that provide internet for users of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. Although running full throttle, the 5G technology still crawls and ended up receiving criticism from some users, who complain about the speed that is not yet as high as 4G and coverage issues.

The new technology provides an internet connection speed 20 times higher than 4G, which will allow, for example, to download a movie in less than a second. There will be four modes, with connection speeds of up to 2.7 Gbps, according to the company, and traditional pricing, varying according to the chosen data franchise. The offer will be made by the Galaxy S10, enabled for the 5G.

“It is significant that South Korean telecommunications companies are delivering services and networks meeting the high standards of speed and image quality of South Korean customers.” said Ryu Young-sang, executive vice president of the country’s largest mobile operator, SK Telecom, on Wednesday. The 5G will change the gaming industry scene as it allows games transmitted with minimal delay to be played on smartphones, Ryu added.

China on the front line

After the 3G and 4G networks, the 5G is a new milestone at the level of connectivity, particularly for objects. One of the most anticipated innovations are cars without a driver.

According to the organization Global System for Mobile Communications, 5G can generate 565 billion dollars of revenue for the world economy in 2034.

The extension of practical applications of this new technology also explains that it has already become a source of contention and rivalry between the United States and China.

Washington has launched a major offensive to persuade its allies – especially Europeans – to exclude the adoption of Huawei’s 5G technology. The US government considers it a threat because of its founder, Ren Zhengfei, 74, a former Chinese Army engineer.

Who remembers when the 4G began to work will see similarities in the problems that have the same cause. This is due to infrastructure limitations that are normal in those early stages of implementing such a new technology. Another frequent complaint is in the use of the Galaxy S10 5G, which when it loses the 5G signal – which has been frequent – ends up settling in the 4G and does not return to the newer connection.

All of these things must be corrected over the months and as the 5G becomes more common in people’s lives.


TIM Beta is with open invitations on the official website

Resultado de imagem para 5G já é usado por quase 1 milhão de pessoas na Coreia do Sul // TIM Beta está com convites abertos no site oficial

After logging in and connecting Facebook to TIM Beta, the site redirects to a page reporting that TIM itself has invited the plan. To continue, you must complete a brief e-mail, password and full name and agree to the terms of membership. From there, it is already possible to include the TIM Pre number for the migration to the new plan.

However, the operator delivers invitations through the portal. You need to sign in with Facebook to register and receive the ‘prize’.

“TIM affirms that it is offering invitations to TIM Beta on a promotional basis for people who are registering on the website www.timbeta.com.br. There is no limit of adhesions and the action is in the air for an indeterminate period. Being interrupted at any time. moment by criterion of TIM, “it revealed in a statement. Check out the plans: Beta

Weekly; 1.5 GB per week, 100 minutes on calls to any carrier and SMS at will – $ 10 per week.

Beta Monthly; 10 GB per month, 600 minutes in calls to any carrier and SMS at will – $ 55 per month.

BetaLab Daily Combo; 100 MB of internet, unlimited calls to TIM and SMS at will – $ 0.90 per day.

Beta Lab Weekly; 2.5 GB per week, 150 minutes on calls to any carrier and SMS at will – $ 10 per week.

Beta Lab Monthly; 20 GB per month, 2,000 minutes in calls to any carrier and SMS at will – $ 55 per month.

Is the effort valid? From a purely financial point of view and considering someone who uses a lot of mobile data, yes. Beta Basic, unsurprisingly, runs counter to the rule; It is uncompetitive against the “control” offerings of rival operators and even TIM itself. On a monthly charge, it costs $ 55 and offers only 1.5 GB of data franchise, 500 minutes of calls, SMS at will. Free access to Deezer music streaming and 15 GB of TIM cloud solution space.

In Beta, accessible by invitation received from a Beta Lab, the monthly fee does not change. But the data franchise goes up to 10 GB and the minutes of connections, to 600. In Beta Lab, which is achieved by making the minimum score ( currently, 1,230 points) in each “round”. Which usually lasts three months, again the value does not change. But the customer now has 20 GB monthly franchise and 2 thousand minutes of calls to any operator. Plus the right to invite one Beta to enter the Beta Lab club.


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